A single online platform for all your clinical data collection needs. CaseCapture has the highest levels of security, validation, and functionality. This allows your organisation to generate superior data for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Simple and efficient data collection

Incredibly simple user interface, tested on millions of records over a period of 15 years. The tabular format clarifies with ease the sections still to complete and dynamic questions reveal only the data you need to see

Instant Feedback

With 100’s of options this customisable dashboard can be define for the end user. With simple and eye catching layout this provides fantastic medium to engage the end user and relevant stakeholders. Benchmark performance against averages and undertake quality improvement utilising PDSA cycles and live SPC charts.

Manage your data sets

If you create a number of data sets on the platform you will get access to the management portal which gives you a clear overview of the projects you have running with key real-time metrics.

Quality Improvement

Create PDSA cycles against defined measures within your data set and automatically generate SPC charts to follow the variation over time. These charts can be downloaded for presentations and shared with colleagues.

Unify your data collection with the CaseCapture™ Platform

Typically organisations have many different systems for data collection. Why not do it all through a single online portal, increasing security and guaranteeing accuracy.


Fully Validated data entry
Two factor authentication
Content Management
Role Based Access Control
Record locking
Personal identifiable data hidden
Event log
Custom Dashboards
CSV data import
Custom posters
Patient portal
Additional study dataset’s
Custom reporting
Single Signin